Monday, August 27, 2007

Turning your email into a phone?

What a concept - A web based calling program that calls all emails!!!

On the yoomba website they position themselves as "calling all emails" - differentiating their web-based calling/instant messaging platform from the competition - whereas the others (skype, gmail chat, Yahoo chat etc.) all are closed systems, only usable with other same-system users, yooomba claims to be an open system that works with all users - regardless of their differing email/instant-messaging platforms.

Check out this article with more information on this new web-based calling technology from Israel.

I'm currently a skype user myself. It would be great to see if yoomba actually works they way they say it does - I would definitely try it out.

My only question is what if one uses multiple email accounts? Can one yoomba account integrate all the email addresses from the seperate accounts?

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