Thursday, August 23, 2007

The next logical step for technology being developed in the Holyland

Have you ever heard of theoretical linguistics, nanosyntax or natural language understanding? Well neither did I until I started doing media relations for an ultra-orthodox Jerusalem start-up company, called Linguistic Agents, as part of my new job!

You must read this article to understand what this is all about:"Achieving Mobility by Typing with Your Tongue"

This company has developed an award winning technology called Streaming Logic that will allow computers to understand human language!

What does that mean? Well very soon we will be able to write coherent questions into search engines or website FAQ sections and get the listing of pages with the exact answers (instead of having to browse tens of potential sites that might have the answer to our query).

Further down the road we will be able to talk to our car to open the driver's window or turn down the air conditioning, or ask our alarm clock to turn off without turning over or lifting a finger!

Earlier this week, Computerworld Magazine announced that Linguistic Agents’ natural language Streaming Logic technology was one of the 10 winners of its Horizon Award for "cutting-edge technologies on the horizon now" (together with HP and Standford University). (Here are links to the articles on the win and the technology).

This is unbelievable news for a small ultra-orthodox start up company in Jerusalem.

The future is not that far away and it is exciting to know that a Jerusalem based company will be a big part in making it all happen.

Check them out yourself:

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