Wednesday, September 19, 2007

100 virtual layers for storage at a "fraction of the price" of other storage solutions on the market

With all of our lives being run more and more online (ok - my life), I always have the concern in the back of my head of "the day" when all information online will be wiped out. Maybe I'm just paranoid.

Anyway, I have started looking for hard drive solutions to be able to back up as much information as possible.

I just read about an Israeli company called mempile that is developing a 1 terabyte disc that has the ability to store the equivalent of 212 DVD-quality movies, 250,000 MP3 files, and 1,000,000 large Word documents on one CD/DVD like device.

Personally, I would love it. I just bought a 500gb hard drive that I use to back up all the digital files from my home computer and laptop. If I had a very portable disc to back up 1 terabyte of information without the need for hookups, rebooting ro installing software, that would be great.

Well, if mempile accomplishes what it wants to, then this will be possible. They already announced in March, 2007 that the technology works and now they are developing the prototype to be ready to reach market in 2010. After that the terabyte sky is the limit - the company predicts that with future optimization and the jump to blue laser technology, it will be able to follow the TeraDisc up with a blue-laser version that could store up to 5TB.

All us paranoid data-backer-uppers can't wait to see.

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